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Click for larger view. Anna and Aurele Lavigne in Aurele's father's back yard in Bathurst, New Brunswick. Photo courtesy of Anna and Aurele Lavigne.
Click image for larger view. Anna and Aurele Lavigne in Aurele's father's back yard in Bathurst, New Brunswick. Photo courtesy of Anna and Aurele Lavigne.

This thesis is approximately 100 pages. Because of its size, it has been separated into chapters that can be individually downloaded on to your computer.

If you have Microsoft Word on your computer, just click on the appropriate chapter and it will automatically open up the chapter in your Word Program - even if you hadn't opened Microsoft Word before starting your download. It will automatically start the program on its own.

The War Brides of New Brunswick
(May 1995) by Melynda Jarratt, BA, MA

Chapter One:The Bureaucracies Take Form
Chapter Two: The Journey by Ship
Chapter Three: Meeting the Train
Chapter Four: For Better or Worse

We are also offering you two essays: the first is written by Theresa Reynolds , a Canadian university student who consulted with us in the research and writing of her undergraduate essay on the Canadian War Brides. The second was written by Phyllis Britton , a youthful 80 year old student who recently completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at Atkinson College, York University, Toronto in 2003. Her essay on War Brides was for a course on Immigration and Ethnic History, (see below).

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The Canadian War Brides of World War Two
(April 2001) by Theresa Reynolds

Download Microsoft Word version of Theresa's essay
Download PDF version of Theresa's essay

Whither Thou Goest :
War Brides: an investigation and comparison of the experience of Canadian and American wartime marriages
(April 2003) by Phyllis Britton

Download Microsoft Word version of Phyllis' essay
Download PDF version of Phyllis' essay

If you don't have Microsoft Word, or are using a MacIntosh operating system, you can click on the appropriate chapter and it will save the chapter to your download folder on your desktop. If you don't know where the file went (ie. you can't find the file you downloaded onto your desktop), do a "find" function (click File, then click Find and follow the instructions). This function will find exactly where you put the file you are looking for.

From there, it's up to you to find someone with Microsoft Word on a PC who can print out the thesis for you. You can also attach the file to an email and send it to someone whom you know has Microsoft Word on their computer. They can print it out for you.

Every library in Canada has access to the Internet. You can go to your local library and ask them if it's possible to download the thesis, print it, let you read it, and then you can donate it to your library for others to read.

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