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Home > Statistics > Immigration Statistics

Immigration to Canada by War Brides and Their Children 1942-1948
Total # of Immigrants*
# of Brides and Dependents**
% of Total
1942-43 7,756 188***
1943-44 8,504 1,255
1944-45 12,801 6,442
1945-46 22,722 16,133
1946-47 71,719 39,092
1947-48 64,127 1,336
Total 187,449 64,446****

Sources: This table originally appeared in Melynda Jarratt, The War Brides of New Brunswick, (University of New Brunswick, Masters Report, 1995), p. 12.

* Valerie Knowles, Strangers at Our Gates: Canadian Immigration and Immigration Policy 1540-1990 (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 1992), p. 190.

** Fiscal year April 1 to March 31

*** Department of Mines and Resources Annual Report 1944-45 reported 7,885 dependents admited from April 1, 1942 to March 31, 1945, of whom 5,009 were adults and 2,876 were children. Given the figures for 1943-44 and 1944-45, it appears that only 188 Canadian servicemen's dependents came to Canada in the fiscal year 1942-43, which was the first year in which the Canadian government officially provided transportation for the brides and their children.

**** "Immigration Branch" Department of Mines and Resources Annual Report 1947-48, p. 243. The Director reported that a total of 64,451 dependents had come to Canada since 1942, a difference of five dependents.

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